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Receive the landlord or tenant representation services you need for any situation from Evergreen Commercial Real Estate Brokers Inc in Northern, New Jersey. We are ready to assist you with your buyer/seller real estate needs.

Tenant Representation

At our company, we represent a wide range of local and national tenants. Through our advanced approach, we assist companies in achieving their expansion goals. Call us to discuss your specific company expansion plans and we'll locate sites for you.

Landlord Representation

Choose us when you have an empty warehouse and watch how swiftly we'll fill it! As the exclusive leasing agent for thousands of square feet throughout New Jersey, we employ an experienced marketing team to design plans to fill your space.

Buyer/Seller Representation

We are a full service company and offer to represent both the buyer and the seller. We are loyal to the buyer/seller by acting in the customer's best interests and we will keep all facts confidential. Contact us today for tenant and landlord representation services.
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